Wee Shian

Wee Shian, 28

Founder of Poly Math Learning Center

“Glicia has advised me in the last 4 years and the after sales service provided by her struck me the most as she is very approachable when I have queries. Glicia is not pushy and focuses on my needs when she plans for me using a refreshed approach to financial planning.”


Jason, 32


“Glicia is very friendly and she will take time to find out about me first before anything else. She is reliable as her explanations are clear, which makes me trust her more when it comes to her planning for me.”

cally and nic

Calista, 34

Senior Consultant at a leading Accounting Firm

“Nicholas has been my financial advisor for 7 years. He has consistently delivered and provided me with sound financial advice. I appreciate that he always ensures that I am kept updated on the latest financial products since 2012. With ever-changing needs at different stages of my life, he has proven very adaptable and will customize my financial plans accordingly as well. With him, I can fully trust that my life and future needs will be well taken care of!”

Dato Ong

Chief Operations Officer , O-Ride SG

Client of Nicholas

Low Kar Yee


Client of Gillian

Steve Er

Director, Dover Supply Pte Ltd

Client of Gillian